Accent Modification Training

Every person has an accent, which reflects the language(s) they hear and use at home, in the community, with friends, and at work.

All accents are beautiful and tell a part of each person's unique story. There may be times when your accent is a perfect match for the situation. When you want or need to have a clearer American English accent, accent modification will give you another tool in overcoming communication barriers.

Group Meeting

Do I need accent modification training?

If you have found yourself in any of these situations, you would benefit from accent modification:

  • You are often asked to repeat yourself

  • You are fluent (or almost fluent) in English but feel your accent is a hurting your communication

  • You have strong English skills but people don't understand you

  • You feel judged, looked-down-on, or discriminated against because of your accent

  • You want to be more confident in your spoken communication in specific settings (e.g. work presentations, PTA meetings)

  • You use a different English accent (British, Australian, etc.) and would like to strengthen your American English accent


Personalized Training Options:

Compton PESL

The Compton PESL method of accent modification is:

  • Structured, intensive, and personalized

  • Consists of:

    • Pre- and post-assessments

    • 13 sessions with your consultant

    • Daily home practice

  • Options that fit into your life:

    • Options for online or print program

    • Continued access to practice materials once your program is complete

This method has been tested with a variety of clients by the Institute of Language & Phonology (IPL), and has been shown to result in improvements of 50% or greater when all home practice assignments are completed.

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Situational Training

Personalized options are available for a variety of situations, including if:

  • You need to refine a few minor elements of your American English accent

  • You want to focus on one element of your communication (speech rate, intonation, idioms/expressions, etc.)

  • You want support for a specific speaking situation (work presentation, interview, school speech, etc.)

  • Others; reach out with any questions!